Alexis Fawx and Gia Derza in Riches To Rags lesbian porn .

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Alexis Fawx and her stepdaughter Gia Derza sit on Alexis’ bed.

They are in deep discussion over something very serious, staring at small pieces of paper in their hands.
Alexis Fawx says that she can’t believe that he’s doing this.
Gia agrees, saying that it seems like the plot of a bad movie, he’ll give them these cheques for a million dollars each if they stop seeing each other.
This is low, even for dad, Gia continues, no wonder her birth-mom left him all those years ago.
Well, Alexis is glad that she left, otherwise she would never have married Gia’s father, met Gia, and fallen in love with her.
Gia Derza agrees and kisses Alexis tenderly.
Gia just wishes her dad hadn’t caught them and put them in this position: either take the money and break up, or he’ll divorce Alexis and kick them both out.
Well, Gia is not going to stand for this, she won’t let her dad tear them apart, Gia says defiantly.
A look of sadness crosses Alexis’s face.
But if he divorces her, they’ll have nothing, Alexis says, she signed a prenup.
They’ll be broke, and she won’t be able to give Gia the lifestyle that she’s used to, Alexis says.
She loves Gia and wants her to have the best life possible, Alexis continues.
Gia Derza should take the money and move on, find someone else and lead a comfortable life, Alexis finishes, almost crying.
Gia Derza takes Alexis’s face in her hands and looks her hard in the eyes.
There’s no one else, and she doesn’t want to live a life without her, Gia tells Alexis.
‘I’d rather be poor and in love than rich and lonely,’ Gia says, ripping up her cheque and throwing the pieces in the air.
Alexis Fawx looks at her with intense love, says that she would too, and rips up her own cheque, laughing with joy.

Alexis Fawx and Gia Derza in Riches To Rags lesbian porn .
They profess their love for each other, and kiss.
‘I’m so glad you came into my life as my step-mom…Mom,’ Gia says passionately.
They kiss lovingly as Alexis peels off her daughter’s panties before burying her face in Gia’s wet pussy.
Weeks pass, and we rejoin Alexis and Gia as they kiss in a different, much more modest bedroom.
They wear less expensive clothing.
Their transition from riches to rags is complete.
They pull away from each other.
She can’t believe that they are finally here, beginning their new life together in a place of their own, Gia says softly.
Alexis Fawx looks into Gia’s eyes. She asks Gia to tell her the truth: does she have any regrets?
Gia smiles.
She is spending her life with the woman she loves, Gia says. Regrets?
Not only does she regret nothing, but she feels like she’s the luckiest girl in the world, Gia says.
Their mouths collide as they kiss passionately.
Eager to celebrate their love, they strip off each other’s tops, revealing Gia’s perky tits and Alexis’ massive MILF tits .
Alexis Fawx slides her hand down the front of Gia’s shorts as Gia moans softly.
Million dollar cheques are the furthest things from their minds as they take each other to the peak of pleasure, proving once and for all that money can’t buy love.

Date: October 22, 2020

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