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Gorgeous amateur Asian hotties Maya Kim was headed over to meet Jerry Cabrera at his house to hang out for the afternoon.

Sean Costin, Jerry’s roommate, ended up answering the door and letting Maya know that Jerry was going to be about an hour.
Sean told her to come inside and she could hang while waiting for Jerry.
Maya kept stealing glances at Sean’s amazing body.
He was only wearing a towel because he’d just got out the shower to freshen up.
After about 45 minutes of waiting, Asian hotties Maya knocked on Sean’s door only to find him naked looking through his phone.
Sean immediately started blushing and tried to cover up what was going on, until he Maya made a pass at him.

Gorgeous amateur Asian hotties in her first sex scene HD.
Sean knew Jerry was a punk and wouldn’t do anything anyway if he walked in on him hooking up with Maya.
Both of the two started to get real naughty completely stripping and fondling each other.
Sean broke a sweat fucking Asian hotties Maya so ferociously.
After then finished hooking up, I think Maya has decided Jerry Cabrera isn’t the one she should be visiting.
Sean Costin steals another one.

Date: January 26, 2021

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