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I had a petite gorgeous Japanese woman on my couch today, a cheerful, perky beauty named Rae Lil Black.
Rae was travelling around Europe, and wanted to make some money to fund her trip.
Rae told me how much she liked sex, and how she had been with 100 boys.
She took off her shirt for me and wasn’t wearing a bra, so I saw her amazing boobs.
Rae talked a lot about her favorite sexual positions, so I asked her to demonstrate for me.
Gorgeous Japanese Rae Lil Black took off her jeans and posed in the missionary position while I snapped some pics, then took off her panties and knelt forward doggy style.
Seeing her tight pussy made me very horny, so I asked her if I could be her 101st lay.

Gorgeous Japanese Rae Lil Black casting sex scene HD.
Rae smiled coyly, and started to wank my cock, then gave me a blowjob.
I fucked her doggystyle and cowgirl, then she sucked the cum out of my cock, played with it for me, and swallowed!

Date: July 31, 2020

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