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She and Jay clicked right away and she agreed to offer up her brown eye for an anal update.

Jay takes it easy on hot amateur redhead Ginger’s innocent pink ass and starts things slowly with a lubed up finger.

As she relaxes and gets used to it, he steps up to a small vibe and lets her get comfortable with it.
She keeps the vibe in her ass as she blows Jay and he does his best to get her ready before he lays her out and taps that ass with his big cock.
Despite her nervousness at getting a full-size cock in her ass, Ginger really seems to get into it.

Hot amateur redhead teen Ginger first anal sex casting HD .
She tells him over and over how good it feels, how much she likes it and how she’s feeling great.
After some really sexy cowgirl and some positive words from Ginger, Jay decided to go for it and see if he can get an anal orgasm from her.
After filling her ass and fingering hot amateur teen Ginger’s pussy in sideshow she’s there and her orgasm takes her as much by surprise as it does Jay.
Finally, Jay is ready to get his and ticks the final box on his anal checklist with a little ass to mouth.
He has Ginger suck him off, fresh from her butt and then drop to the floor for a nice splashy facial.
As usual, he coats her face and even manages to glue an eye shut!

Date: December 20, 2020

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