Nuru Massage Abella Danger NURU Fixes Everything hot sex HD .

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Nuru Massage Abella Danger NURU Fixes Everything hot sex HD .

Masseuse Abella Danger is at her massage parlor when she realizes that the roof is leaking.
Annoyed that she just had it fixed a few weeks ago, she calls the handyman service again.
A short time later, Dean Van Damme walks into the massage parlor with his ladder and toolbox in hand.
Abella greets him at the door.
Telling him that shes just got some paperwork to catch up on, she assures him that she shouldnt get in his way.
He sets his ladder down and starts climbing up the stairs.
He climbs up two steps and lets out a huge yell before stepping back off the ladder stiffly.
She runs to his aid and asks him whats wrong.
He tells her hes had back issues in the past but they havent acted up in a while.
She asks him if he minds if she has a look and he agrees.

Nuru Massage Abella Danger NURU Fixes Everything hot sex HD .


She frets over him, worrying that this is just her luck, she has so much to do and first the roof is causing problems and next she has an injured handyman to take care of. The handyman mentions that if she thinks shes unlucky, shes welcome to trade places with him.
She apologizes for being so insensitive, and checks out his back, telling him that she needs to take off his shirt so she can get a better look.
He asks her to help him as hes still in a lot of pain.
She starts feeling around his lower back, eventually offering to give Dean a NURU massage since she feels it would really help him.
Dean accepts.
She leads him to the massage area and asks him to take off his pants.
When he asks her if thats necessary, she tells him that he definitely doesnt want to get any gel on them.
She helps him take them off and has him lie down on the mat.
She gels up her hands and slips off her bra, explaining to Dean that a NURU massage requires a lot of body to body…contact. Straddling him as he lies face down, Abella Danger slowly pours NURU gel on his body, sliding her perky tits along his back.
She gives Dean a deep, intense massage.
Soon, Abella has Dean flip over onto his back as she slides her panties off.
Abella climbs on top of Dean, slathering his chest in NURU gel before gliding her glistening body along his.
Dean gasps with satisfaction as Abella Danger tight pussy grazes his increasingly hard big cock.
As Abella slides her tits along Deans stiff dick, she is having trouble resisting it and licking her lips in anticipation, grips it and begins to stroke it sensuously.
But Abellas just getting started, and she lowers her lips to Deans throbbing cock, determined to help him forget all about his back problems.
Dean may be the handyman, but Abellas about to use a lot more than just her hands to show him that NURU fixes EVERYTHING.

Date: October 7, 2020

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