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Good news, she’s back!

Petite blonde teen college girl Charlotte, our 18 year old cutie, is back for her first anal.

Not her first anal scene, her first anal ever, losing her ass cherry just for you!
Petite blonde teen college girl was pretty nervous, and excited, for this so she did some ass training before the shoot, what a trooper!
She gets started with some toys, no surprises for her there as she used to work in a sex shop, really, we’re not kidding!
Petite blonde teen college girl is cute as ever, so we knew this was going to be funtime for our resident stud TC.

Petite blonde teen college girl fucked in ass first time HD.
With such a petite body, getting a huge cock up her butt is quite a challenge, but TC is a pro and gets her warmed up before diving in.
Just like last time she moans and squeals like a schoolgirl as she takes it on top, on the bottom, on the side, whatever, she doesn’t seem to care as long as she’s got a cock in her.
So did she have fun getting her ass popped?
That would be a yes, as she puts it, I want to be an anal master, got to level up!
We’re all for it and have a few ideas how our 88 pound bundle of fuck could learn a few other new things!

Date: January 21, 2021

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